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A mixer is the key for the preparation process of baking quality cakes, pastries, breads and much more. Our large range of mixers,in a variety of sizes, is guaranteed to suit your various needs. We sell a vast range from light weight mixers for your own personal use, to our heavy duty range for the commercial kitchen. Our range features top brands, such as the KitchenAid mixer, which will guarantee great quality and performance. Whether you run a pizzeria, patisserie, baker shop or a catering faciltiy , you are bound to find the right mixer for your needs here. Our range also features the heavy duty Planetary Mixers which ensure that all areas of your mixing bowl are reached, all the way to our Heavy Duty mixers which can blend vast batches of food in short spaces of time, without compromising on the quality and consistency of the end product. The extensive collection includes some of the best-selling mixers from KitchenAid, Sammic, Dynamic, Imettos and Buffafo to name a few.